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Happy to say that our Tunisia is a multi-cultural nation. Both the Tunisian ethnic and cultural identity are a mix of the shores of our dear Mediterranean sea. From north to south and from east to west, and across the centuries and millennia, the mosaic of migratory flows from all horizons has given our country an immense and unique wealth, both ethnic and cultural. This cultural richness is essentially found in our cuisine. The origin of certain Tunisian dishes goes back several centuries, even millennia. From Phoenicia to Rome, Arabic and Hispano-Andalusian influences, to Greek-Turkish cuisine and without forgetting the very recent influences of Italian, French and other cuisine... Today we present a "typical Tunisian dish": Rouz bil fakia" (Rice with dried fruits) whose origins are as much Andalusian as they are oriental, but with a typical and specific remake of the Tunisian terroir. A big thank you Mom for the preparation and the pictures.

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