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Once Upon a time ... The cage of Sidi Bou Said

The cage of Sidi Bou Said is a bird cage with an incomparable design that all Tunisians know. It becomes the emblem of the village of Sidi Bou Said and one of the flagship symbols of the country's craftsmanship.

Created at the end of the 19th century by a craftsman from the Medina of Tunis, Saïd Samouda.

It experienced a real boom when one of his descendants, Azouz, by settling in Sidi Bou Saïd, democratized the cage. Since then, it became the emblem of the mythical white and blue village.

Made of iron and wood, lines and curves, recognizable by its very particular design in the shape of a marabou, the cage has been available for decades in all sizes, becoming a decorative object in the most beautiful interiors while forgetting its use as a first shelter for birds. It must be said that patience is necessary for making the cage of Sidi bou Said. It requires a careful assembly of small pieces of wood and wires.

The popularity of Sidi Bou Said's cage has earned it to be exported all over the world. Many celebrities all over the world were charmed by this unusual cage and bought it.

After a short period of disenchantment, the cage of Sidi Bou Said is now experiencing a resurgence of popularity with the public and especially Tunisian craftsmen who want to perpetuate the know-how of their elders. The cage with perfect curves has still beautiful days ahead of her, with or without birds. Article published in iddéco n°42 – January 2020

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