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The best alternative tourism startups in Tunisia

Idwey is a social startup that works to promote Tunisian natural and cultural heritage. Idwey is a regional tourism guide that encompasses the whole area in the form of an online platform in order to facilitate access to information.

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Tajrabti is an “Authentic Experience Provider” in Tunisia. It is a platform that connects experienced and passionate service providers (hosts) with people. He deeply believes in the benefits of sustainable tourism for both the country and the planet.

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Tunisian campers

Tunisian Campers organizes events in the virgin nature, that is to say far from any construction or artificial development. Forests, beaches, mountains and desert are therefore their destinations. By integrating sports and spiritual activities into the events, they bring unique and original moments to the participants.

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A platform dedicated to booking activities related to alternative tourism, freshly launched in Tunisia. The wanava site is aimed at adventurers and lovers of thrills and extreme sports in Tunisia, offering them the possibility of booking a supervised activity online.

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What to do tunisia

What to do Tunisia is a digital platform for the promotion of alternative, sports and cultural tourism artisans. What to do Tunisia attempts to show that it is true that seaside tourism, also known as "mass" tourism, turns the country's economic wheel, but that sustainable tourism seeks a balance between the three pillars of sustainable development in the production and realization of tourist activities allowing to preserve all the cultural and natural facets of Tunisia.

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WildyNess connects travelers from all over the world with authentic stays and unique travel experiences in Tunisia by promoting the hidden beauty of the country.

Site web: Page Facebook: wildyness

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