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The voyage of our dar

we restore the past to build the future 


Dating back to 18th century. Yes! Our house has more than three hundred years of  history. It was built even before the French Revolution, the invention of the railway, the electricity and the telephone.


Based on the archive of the Tunis Medina, the house was build around 1703-1707 and remained almost the same until the end of the 20th century. Of course, miner changes and adjustments were involved to adapt to the necessity of the time and for the comfort of its habitants.


From the beginning, and as all the palaces, mansions and houses of the Medina of that time, the house was built according to the authentic Tunisian architectural style. It has an open-air area in its center, an atrium called "west A'dar" around which the living spaces, services area such kitchen and sanitary were placed according to a deep reflection of well-being, comfort and respect for the family of the owner and the total respect of the tradition of that time, which are axed around intimacy and discretion.


Usually after the acquisition of the land and before starting to build, the plan of the house take long discussion and thought with first all member of the family without any discrimination and then with the builder, who plays the role of architect, the conductor of works. 


As nowadays, location is important for those who want to make a great house and an interesting legacy for the future generations. Definitely, the first owner had given it a great thought! Our Dar is located in one of the most prestigious part of the Medina at a few hundred meters from the most famous places such as the Great Mosque Zitouna of Tunis (9th century), the government and its palaces, surrounded by private palaces, mansions, prestigious mosques and Madrassas, not far from the fine souks of Gold and perfumes... in the area called : "The Quarter of the Andalusian"


When we took over this three centuries house and decided to renovated, we committed our self to respect every aspect of its original plan and essentially the soul of what was a traditional dar. Today El Patio Courtyard House is not only a guesthouse, it is also a story about personal commitment and profound interest in the ambitious project of conserving the Old Town of Tunis, the Medina. 


By restoring and renovating our house, turning it into a small-scale guesthouse, we aim to contribute to the conservation of the Old Town and to the strengthening of the social status of its inhabitants. When you stay at El Patio Courtyard House, you contribute to support a social enterprise.

How it was ...!

during the renovation...!



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